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About Pentesting UK Ltd

Pentesting UK Ltd is a specialist Penetration testing and vulnerability scanning company, based in Exeter, Devon.

We carry out Internal and external penetration testing, vulnerability scanning and application testing for businesses and organisations that need to know that their systems are secure.

Penetration testing and vulnerability scanning can help uncover a range of weaknesses that can be used by hackers and others with malicious intent to access your data and compromise your systems.

These include open ports, weaknesses in firewall configuration, unpatched operating systems and out of date software.

As well as identifying the issues we will always provide clear guidance on the actions required to fix the problems.

We work with a range of organisations who need confidence in their network security including PCI DSS compliance, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Pentesting UK Limited is associated with cyber security specialists Securious Ltd also based in Exeter, Devon. Securious Ltd provides a complete cyber security service to help organisations of all sizes protect themselves against from the very latest cyber threats.

Key Personnel

The Pentesting UK team includes qualified and experienced penetration testing and cyber security experts.

Roz Woodward

Roz is passionate about cyber security, and believes the only way to know how secure your systems is to challenge your boundaries. Only by doing this can you identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited. In her opinion all businesses and organisations would benefit from having a vulnerability scan, internal and external pentests at least annually to ensure that they have identified any weaknesses. Her basis for this is “you don’t know what you don’t know!”. Roz is a director of Securious and on the steering committee of the South West Cyber Security Cluster.

Pete Woodward

Pete has gained extensive experience through working with both public and private sectors. Conducting perimeter evaluations and in-depth penetration testing to clients across the UK. Pete is backed up with a passion for network security and relevant qualification such as CISSP, CEH, RSA Security, and IPv6 certified. Pete is constantly researching threat vectors to further enhance his technical skills.