The Register is reporting that Russia is working on a plan to switch its internet into an intranet if faced with a large scale external cyber attack.

This means that all external traffic would be routed through controlled gateways which would isolate their network in the event of “targeted large-scale external influence” The experiment suggests that there will be an exercise to test whether Russia is able to disconnect itself from the rest of the world

“So far Russia has built sufficient DNS infrastructure to allow its internet to keep working if Kremlin officials pull the plug on connectivity to the rest of the world…”

…The project is being overseen by Natalya Kasperskaya – co-founder of Kaspersky the antivirus company and ex-wife of Eugene, that company’s CEO. She is now president of a data loss prevention outfit called Infowatch and heads up the Russian ISPs’ working group tasked with implementing the new law once it is passed…

“All participants in the discussion agree that [it] has good goals, but the mechanisms for its implementation raise many questions and disputes,” Kasperskaya told RBK. “Moreover, the methods of its implementation have not yet been precisely defined. Therefore, they came to the conclusion that market participants need to organize exercises or something similar in order to understand how this can all be implemented in practice.”

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